Intel Unveils New 5G Modem, Set to Launch in 2020

5G network connectivity is all the rage for the major wireless carriers, all of which are focused on rolling out the faster network speeds to customers as soon as possible. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Google Confirms Using Dark Mode Will Help Improve a Smartphone’s Battery Life

One of the key advantages of OLED display panels is that they can turn themselves off at a sub-pixel level while showing any dark or black content. Thus, it was theorized by power users that using a black system-wide theme or a dark theme in apps would end up increasing a smartphone’s battery life. However, there were no hard numbers to back up these claims. That is until today as Google itself has admitted that using a dark theme would indeed help in improving a smartphone’s battery Read more […]

Facebook simulates itself up a better, more gradual product launch

When you’re launching a new social media product, like an image-sharing app or niche network, common wisdom is to make it available to everyone as soon as it’s ready. But simulations carried out by Facebook — and let’s be honest, a few actual launches — suggest that may be a good way to kneecap your product from the start. It’s far from a simple problem to simulate, but in the spirit of the “spherical cow in a vacuum” it’s easy enough to make a plausible Read more […]

Alibaba sets new Singles’ Day record with $31B in sales, but growth is slowing

Alibaba scored another blockbuster Singles’ Day after customers around the world shopped in stores and online on the tenth edition of its November 11 shopping festival. That puts this year’s gross merchandise volume – a measure for the dollar value of total transactions – at a staggering $30.8 billion, although the company recorded its lowest-ever annual growth rate for the event. The figure makes the spending bonanza more than twice the size of Cyber Monday and Black Friday Read more […]

How to Download Instagram Stories on iPhone

Instagram Stories has quickly become one of the most entertaining social media platforms. Depending on who you follow, you’ll get funny, insightful, interesting and even useful information from Instagram Stories. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Lazada Singles’ Day Sale Offering AirPods for SG$199, Discounts on iPhone XS, iPhone XR, More

Alibaba is celebrating Singles’ Day today in China where it is offering huge discounts on a variety of products and electronic items. You can’t take part in the sale if you live outside of China though. However, if you live in Singapore, you are in luck as Lazada is offering a flat 4 percent discount on all Apple products and a 16 percent discount on AirPods for Singles’ Day. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Flagship Shootout: Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Apple iPhone Xs Max vs Google Pixel 3

The world of phone imaging is settling somewhat in late 2018, with such immense processing power available in today’s chipsets that camera software can process multiple images almost in real time. Typically, many shots will be taken for a single photo and then these will be combined using ‘computational photography’. Throw in the ready availability of telephoto and wide angle lenses, with software again managing any parallax issues from having multiple cameras side by side, and Read more […]

2019 iPhones Will Adopt New MPI Antenna Technology

In his latest note, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will be using a new antenna technology for its 2019 iPhones. As per the TF International Securities analyst, Apple will use a modified polyimide (MPI) antenna technology instead of Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) on next year’s iPhones. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPad Pro (2018)

Like with its iPhone lineup, Apple has ditched the headphone jack from its 2018 iPad Pro lineup as well. In all its wiseness, Apple sees the future of PC without a headphone jack. Worse, the company is not bundling any USB-C EarPods or USB-C to 3.5mm adapter with the 2018 iPad Pro. This might just be a good excuse for you to jump on the wireless headphones bandwagon though. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]