Airbnb wants to get into streaming media… because why not?

Airbnb is looking to book a place in the streaming media business. The company best known for its controversial marketplace of on-demand accommodations is now plotting a foray into becoming a production studio, according to a report in Reuters. Tons of companies in Silicon Valley have taken to producing marketing features and print magazines as an exercise in branding, but Airbnb is reportedly looking to take this a step further. The company already has a glossy magazine published by Hearst, and Read more […]

LEGO Braille bricks are the best, nicest, and in retrospect most obvious idea ever

Braille is a crucial skill for children with visual impairments to learn, and with these LEGO Braille Bricks kids can learn through hands-on play rather than more rigid methods like Braille readers and printouts. Given the naturally Braille-like structure of LEGO blocks, it’s surprising this wasn’t done decades ago. The truth is, however, that nothing can be obvious enough when it comes to marginalized populations like people with disabilities. But sometimes all it takes is someone in Read more […]

Mary Meeker raises $1.25B for Bond, her debut growth fund

As the Kleiner Perkins empire crumbles, Mary Meeker builds her own. The author of the Internet Trends Report has $1.25 billion in capital commitments for her debut growth fund, Bond Capital, as first reported by Axios and confirmed to TechCrunch by a source close to the firm. Bond Capital has declined to comment. Meeker spun-out from the Kleiner Perkins growth investing practice in September 2018 to form Bond after an internal power struggle between her and Mamoon Hamid, who joined Kleiner in 2017 Read more […]

AT&T CEO Says 5G Phone Plans May be Tiered Based on Speeds

Right now, wireless carriers offer a set price and customers expect the best possible network speeds when available. If a plan is tiered, it’s usually based on the amount of high-speed data you get on a monthly basis (with reduced speeds after that set allotment). But if AT&T’s CEO has any say in the matter, there might be even more tiers for phone plans in the future thanks to 5G. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Pinterest employee #1 launches blockchain art market MakersPlace

Pinterest is a great place to find digital art but a terrible place to sell it. The fact that anything online is infinitely copyable makes it tough for artists to establish a sense of scarcity necessary for their work to be perceived as valuable. Yash Nelapati saw this struggle up close as Pinterest’s first employee. Now he has started MakersPlace, where creators can generate a blockchain fingerprint for each of their artworks that proves who made it and lets it be sold as part of a limited Read more […]

It’s now easier to find work-from-home jobs in Google Search

Over the course of the last year or so, Google started adding more job search features to its search engine. Today, it’s expanding this program by also making it easier to find work-from-home jobs. Typically, when you searched for a job like that, chances are you’ll be bombarded with a bunch of low-quality or even potentially malicious sites. Now, when you search for a job in Google Search using a query like ‘customer support jobs,’ you’ll be able to set the location Read more […]

Bumble’s ‘Private Detector’ uses AI to detect dick pics

Dating apps are finally leveraging AI to clean up users’ chat messages. Badoo has introduced a new feature coming to its network of dating apps, including most notably, Bumble. The penile detecting “Private Detector” feature will leverage deep learning to identify dick pics and other inappropriate photos and label them as such in chat, giving users the option to view the photo or report the user. It’s great that they’ve introduced this but this isn’t exactly a Read more […]

Microsoft is considering dropping its Windows password expiration policy

Microsoft has proposed scrapping a policy in Windows that requires users to periodically change their login password. In a blog post, the software giant said its new draft security configuration baseline settings would no longer force users whose accounts are controlled by a network’s group policy to change their passwords every few weeks or months. Microsoft’s draft security baseline documents includes recommended policies that affect entire groups of users on a corporate network, including Read more […]

Amazon Employees Who Listen to Alexa Requests Can Also Learn Customers’ Home Address

Earlier this month, there was a report that outlined how some Amazon employees have access to listen in on Alexa requests doled out by customers out in the real world. Now, a follow-up report suggests that available information for those employees could include home addresses. Continue reading → Source: Read more […]

Mark Zuckerberg has a podcast

In the future, everyone will have a podcast — and by “future,” I mean like mid-2020. But one step at a time, starting with Facebook founder, CEO and definite human person, Mark Zuckerberg . Facebook announced the podcast’s Spotify link on Twitter. How’s that for platform synergy? The rather dryly named “Tech and Society With Mark Zuckerberg” will feature, well, conversations on tech and society with Mark Zuckerberg. Honestly, folks, it’s right there in the name. New podcast Read more […]

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